Download E-books The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle) PDF

By Patrick Rothfuss

The riveting first-person narrative of a tender guy who grows to be the main infamous magician his global has ever visible. From his youth in a troupe of touring avid gamers, to years spent as a near-feral orphan in against the law- ridden urban, to his daringly brazen but winning bid to go into a mythical university of magic, The identify of the Wind is a masterpiece that transports readers into the physique and brain of a wizard. it's a high-action novel written with a poet's hand, a strong coming-of-age tale of a magically talented younger guy, informed via his eyes: to learn this e-book is to be the hero.

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Download E-books Morte (A Morte Novel) PDF

By Robert Repino

After the “war with out identify” a cat murderer searches for his misplaced love in Repino’s unusual, relocating sci-fi epic that channels either Homeward Bound and A Canticle for Lebowitz.

The “war without identify” has all started, with human extinction as its aim. The instigator of this struggle is the Colony, a race of clever ants who, for millions of years, were silently construction a military that will perpetually remove the damaging, oppressive people. below the Colony's watchful eye, this utopia can be freed from the people' penchant for violence, exploitation and non secular superstition. As a last step within the conflict attempt, the Colony makes use of its unusual expertise to rework the skin animals into high-functioning two-legged beings who get up to kill their masters.

Former housecat grew to become battle hero, Mort(e) is known for taking over the most threatening missions and combating the feared human bio-weapon EMSAH. however the precise motivation in the back of his recklessness is his ongoing seek for a pre-transformation friend—a puppy named Sheba. while he gets a mysterious message from the dwindling human resistance claiming Sheba is alive, he starts a trip that would take him from the rest human strongholds to the center of the Colony, the place he'll realize the resource of EMSAH and the last word destiny of all of earth's creatures.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Download E-books The Fortress of Glass (Crown of the Isles, Book 1) PDF

By David Drake

The fort of Glass is the 1st within the Crown of the Isles trilogy, that allows you to finish the epic Lord of the Isles sequence. a real trilogy, the motion extends over the entire three-book arc. The fort of Glass starts off the tale of the way the recent state of the Isles is eventually introduced into being by way of the crowd of heroes and heroines who've been significant to the entire books within the sequence. the gang comprises Prince Garric, inheritor to the throne of the Isles, his consort Liane, his sister Sharina, her herculean sweetheart Cashel, his sister Ilna, together with her followed baby Merota and piratical Chalcus.

On significant triremes full of squaddies and diplomats, they trip to the small kingdoms of the Isles to verify the succession of Garric and to subdue, if beneficial, any neighborhood rulers too keen on their very own kingship to pledge fealty to Garric. All this can be being performed in a time while the powers of magic within the Isles have flooded to a thousand-year height, or even neighborhood magicians can practice robust spells commonly past their regulate. terrific forces from all angles try and retain them aside and not able to proceed the reunification of the Isles. So individually and jointly, they need to struggle their as far back as a similar time and position to wrestle the mysterious and supernatural risk of the fairway girl in her citadel of Glass.

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Download E-books Kraken PDF

By China Miéville

With this outrageous new novel, China Miéville has written one of many strangest, funniest, and flat-out scariest books you are going to learn this—or any other—year. The London that involves lifestyles in Kraken is a peculiar city awash in mystery currents of fantasy and magic, the place criminals, police, cultists, and wizards are locked in a struggle to deliver about—or prevent—the finish of All Things.

In the Darwin Centre at London’s ordinary background Museum, Billy Harrow, a cephalopod professional, is engaging in a journey whose climax is intended to be the Centre’s prize specimen of a unprecedented Architeuthis duxbetter referred to as the enormous Squid. yet Billy’s travel takes an unforeseen flip whilst the squid unexpectedly and impossibly vanishes into skinny air.

As Billy quickly discovers, this is often the precipitating act in a fight to the loss of life among mysterious yet strong forces in a London whose lifestyles he has been blissfully blind to in the past, a urban whose denizens—human and otherwise—are adept in magic and murder.

There is the Congregation of God Kraken, a sect of squid worshippers whose roots return to the sunrise of humanity—and past. there's the legal mastermind referred to as the Tattoo, a cruel maniac inked onto the flesh of a hapless sufferer. there's the FSRC—the Fundamentalist and Sect-Related Crime Unit—a department of London’s best that fights sorcery

with sorcery. there's Wati, a spirit from historical Egypt who leads a ragtag union of magical familiars. There are the Londonmancers, who learn the longer term within the city’s entrails. there's Grisamentum, London’s maximum wizard, whose shadow lingers lengthy after his demise. after which there's Goss and Subby, an ageless previous guy and a cretinous boy who, jointly, represent a terrifying—yet darkly charismatic—demonic duo.

All of them—and others—are in pursuit of Billy, who inadvertently holds the main to the lacking squid, an embryonic god whose powers, accurately harnessed, can wreck all that's, used to be, and ever shall be.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire PDF

For hundreds of years, the empire of Cheliax stood for instance of the greatness humanity might in attaining, with colonies and vassal states unfold through the internal Sea zone. while the god Aroden died at the eve of his prophesied go back to the mortal global, the empire fell right into a vicious civil struggle. The victors of this clash have been the Thrice-Damned condo of Thrune, who made pacts with the denizens of Hell to wrest keep an eye on of Cheliax. within the many years due to the fact, a number of the empire’s holdings have fallen away, yet at its middle Cheliax continues to be a strong state, now either subservient to and allied with the legions of the Pit. discover the huge state and its population, from the gnomes of Brastlewark to the xenophobic, winged strix of Devil’s Perch; from the rebellious voters of Kintargo to Thrune loyalists within the center of Egorian. an ideal complement to the Hell’s Rebels and Hell’s Vengeance experience Paths, Pathfinder crusade surroundings: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire is a must have!

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Download E-books The Merchants' War: Book Four of the Merchant Princes PDF

By Charles Stross

Miriam Beckstein is a tender, hip, enterprise journalist in Boston. She chanced on in The Family Trade and The Hidden Family that her relations got here from an alternative truth, that she was once very well-connected, and that her family members used to be an excessive amount of just like the mafia for convenience. She came upon herself stuck in a family members catch in The extended family Corporateand betrothed to a brain-damaged prince, after which all hell broke loose.

Now, in The retailers' War, Miriam has escaped to one more international and is still in hiding from either the extended family and their rivals. there's a nasty taking pictures conflict happening within the Gruinmarkt global of the extended family, and we all know whatever that Miriam doesn't; anything that she's relatively going to hate--if she lives lengthy sufficient to discover out.

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Download E-books Shadow's Edge: The Night Angel Trilogy, 2 PDF

By Brent Weeks

From New York Times bestselling writer Brent Weeks...

Kylar Stern has rejected the assassin's existence. The Godking's profitable coup has left Kylar's grasp, Durzo, and his ally, Logan, lifeless. he's beginning over: new city, new acquaintances, and new occupation.

But whilst he learns that Logan may truly be alive and in hiding, Kylar is confronted with an agonizing selection: will he hand over the best way of shadows without end and stay in peace along with his new relations, or will he threat every little thing via taking over the final word hit?

Night Angel
The method of Shadows
Shadow's Edge
Beyond the Shadows

Night Angel: the whole Trilogy (omnibus)

Perfect Shadow: an evening Angel Novella (e-only)
The approach of Shadows: The photograph Novel

For extra from Brent Weeks, fee out:

The Black Prism
The Blinding Knife
The damaged Eye
The Blood Mirror

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Download E-books Crossroads of Twilight (Wheel of Time, Book 10) PDF

By Robert Jordan

In the 10th booklet of he Wheel of Time from the New York Times no 1 bestselling writer Robert Jordan, the realm and the characters stand at a crossroads, and the area techniques twilight, whilst the facility of the Shadow grows stronger.

Fleeing from Ebou Dar with the abducted Daughter of the 9 Moons, whom he's fated to marry, Mat Cauthon learns that he can neither hold her nor allow her pass, no longer in defense for both of them, for either the Shadow and the may well of the Seanchan Empire are in lethal pursuit.

Perrin Aybara seeks to unfastened his spouse, Faile, a captive of the Shaido, yet his purely wish can be an alliance with the enemy. Can he stay precise to his pal Rand and to himself? For his love of Faile, Perrin is keen to promote his soul.

At Tar Valon, Egwene al'Vere, the younger Amyrlin of the insurgent Aes Sedai, lays siege to the guts of Aes Sedai energy, yet she needs to win speedy, with as little bloodshed as attainable, for until the Aes Sedai are reunited, in basic terms the male Asha'man will stay to shield the realm opposed to the darkish One, and not anything can carry the Asha'man themselves again from overall strength other than the Aes Sedai and a unified White Tower.

In Andor, Elayne Trakland fights for the Lion Throne that's hers via correct, yet enemies and Darkfriends encompass her, plotting her destruction. If she fails, Andor could fall to the Shadow, and the Dragon Reborn with it.

Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn himself, has cleansed the darkish One's taint from the male 1/2 the real resource, and every thing has replaced. but not anything has, for less than males who can channel think that saidin is fresh back, and a guy who can channel remains to be hated and feared-even one prophesied to avoid wasting the realm. Now, Rand needs to gamble back, with himself at stake, and he can't be yes which of his allies are fairly enemies.

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